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My humble regards to everyone reading comments on this platform and a great thanks to the admin who made this medium a lively one whereby everyone can share an opinion, I am Mrs Jessica Antoine, from Montana, United States. I'm a nurse by profession, I had a serious health issue that took me 6 months to get back to work, during this period of six months I came across an advert with a lot of good comments under the trading broker platform. I was very interested so I decided to contact the trading platform and invest with them, after my first deposit I was told there is an increase in buying stocks so I had to send another money and this whole thing continued for a good 6 months. Before I could realize I was already bankrupt when I discovered that I had been scammed for a total sum of $467,970, I tried to get some recommended hackers online but I ended up getting scammed of an additional $45k, it hurts me so much, I already gave it up but then I came in contact with reviews about Danny Hacker and with his contacts ( who I also message directly via WhatsApp WhatsApp +1 385 743 8516 and responded to me urgently and helped me to get back all my funds, everything was sent to me at once. DANNY HACKER proves to me that scammed crypto can be recovered. All thanks to him.


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6 Months ago, i invested about $50k into this binary option platform with the aim of expanding my trading portfolio. However, with my strict habits of growing my account 300% before taking profits, i never attempted any withdrawals, not until two months ago when i tried to withdraw but i was actually not able to do this successfully. I called the account manager and explained the situation, then she ask that i clear the company maintenance fee and said i would be able to withdraw after 3 working days which sounded shady to be very honest. i did paid for the fees but 3days went by, still not able to withdrawals, i tried reaching out to the manager and customer service line but non of them were reachable again till this moment. i felt really devastated as i do not know how to go about the whole issue, after a short while i was advise by a friend whom i shared my experience with to look for a good hacker that can help to retrieve back my funds, i then did some research about good hackers that can deal with the task. according to the reviews i read i was really convinced to contact DANNY HACKER'S,. They really saved me and I had my funds back after 2working days. Their professionalism was top notch. I will also highly recommend them.

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